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Canadian Women Economists Committee / Comité des Femmes Économistes Canadiennes


The Summer 2021 Newsletter features interviews with the 2021 CWEC/CFÉC Luncheon Speaker, Emi Nakamura, 2021 CWEC/CFÉC Young Researcher Prize Recipient, Luba Petersen, and the winner of the 2021 CWEC/CFÉC Sylvia Ostry Award, Xiao-yuan Dong. It includes highlights of the panel discussions following the release of the Climate Survey of Canadian Economists. Read about new research by women economists working in Canada and research at Canadian institutions on gender-related topics, along with lots of other exciting features!

Our Fall 2020 CWEC Newsletter features an interview with Michelle McIsaac, the CWEC/CFÉC activities in 2020, highlights of Workplace Climate Survey of Canadian Economists and the survey on the impact of COVID-19 on productivity, upcoming CWEC/CFÉC events, and other articles about the impact of the pandemic on learning environment.

The CWEC/CFÉC Newsletter for Summer 2019 is now published, including the Chair’s Message, interviews with CWEC luncheon keynote speaker Betsey Stevenson, inaugural CWEC/CFÉC Service Award winner Roberta Edgecomb Robb, and CWEC/CFÉC Young Researcher Prize Recipient Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs, plus CWEC/CFÉC session highlights from the Banff CEA Conference.

In our Winter 2019 CWEC Newsletter, you will find an interview with Isabelle Amano, the CWEC/CFÉC activities in 2018, Publishing while Female, Gender bias in student evaluations, the Research Highlights and Upcoming CWEC/CFÉC events in Banff

The Spring 2018 Newsletter contains an interview with Kathy Baylis, the CWEN/RÉF Report, publishing tips from Journal Editors, Tyranny of Distance and Sexism on the EJMR forum.

The Spring 2017 Newsletter contains an interview with Carolyn Wilkins, a feature article about “the imposter syndrome”, a preview of the CWEN activities at the 2017 CEAs, and recent research by our members.

The Fall 2016 Newsletter contains a feature article about diversity in Economics, an interview with Katherine Cuff, some highlights about the CWEN activities at the 2016 CEAs, and recent research by our members.

The Spring 2016 Newsletter contains a feature article about the perils of female co-authorship, an interview with France St-Hilaire, some information on child minding at conferences (including this year’s CEA) and recent research by our members.

The Fall 2015 Newsletter contains a host of interesting reads and useful information, from our feature article on “Gender and Teaching Evaluations” to a summary of our 2015 CWEN Report on the Status of Canadian Women Economists and an interview with Abigail Payne, a CWEN member and a leading economist working on charitable giving.