Purvis Luncheon Speaker


This keynote lecture is given each year during the Purvis Luncheon held on the Saturday each year in honour of the late noted Canadian economist Douglas D. Purvis of Queen's University.  Participants must register separately to attend the luncheon.

The 2020 Purvis Luncheon was given by Anne Case, Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Emeritus at Princeton University. Her recent research on health over the life course has uncovered recent increases in midlife morbidity and mortality that she attributes to drugs, alcohol, and suicide, also known as “deaths of despair.” 

Link to 2020  event registration & login details. 


Past Purvis Lecturers

2019 Catherine Wolfram (University of California, Berkeley)
2018 Petra E. Todd (University of Pennsylvania)
2017 Rafael Di Tella (Harvard University)
2016 Stephen Poloz (Bank of Canada) [Link to recording on Bank of Canada site]
2015 Robin Boadway (Queen's University)
2014 Paul Romer (New York University)
2013 Roland Fryer (Harvard University)
2012 John Campbell (Harvard University)
2011 Ernst Fehr (Zurich)
2010 John Taylor (Stanford University)
2009 David Dodge (formerly Bank of Canada)
2008 Caroline Hoxby (Harvard University)
2007 David Levine (Washington, St. Louis)
2006 William Easterly (New York University)
2005 Robert Frank (Cornell)
2004 David Laidler (Western University)
2003 Guy Laroque (INSEE)