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With around 2000 members across the country and from abroad, the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) is the organization of academic economists in Canada.  The Association has for its object the advancement of economic knowledge through the encouragement of study and research, the issuing of publications, and the furtherance of free and informed discussion of economic questions. The Association as such will not assume a partisan position upon any question of practical politics nor commit its members to any position thereupon.

The CEA publishes the foremost economics journal in Canada, the Canadian Journal of Economics (CJE), and organizes an Annual Conference. The journal Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de politiques (CPP/Adp) is affiliated with the CEA. CEA members receive online access to issues of CJE and CPP/Adp.


Online Access to the CJE   Online Access to CPP/Adp


Canadian Women Economists Committee:

We are delighted to announce the Release of the Climate Survey results on Diversity in the Canadian Economics Profession!  Join us for our panel series on Diversity in the Economics Profession. 



Passing of Robert Mundell, CEA Fellow

It is with sadness that the CEA recognizes the passing of Robert Mundell, CEA Fellow. Robert Mundell, the Nobel Prize-winner and supply-side economist who was considered the intellectual father of the euro, passed away at the age of 88 on April 3, 2021.  For more details see: Bloomberg News

CEA - Bank of Canada Undergraduate Poster Competition

A poster session that showcases undergraduate student research will be take place via video-conference during the 55th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Economics Association (CEA). Current undergraduate students, or those who have graduated in the past year but have not yet begun their graduate studies, are encouraged to apply to participate. High-quality original research papers, in either French or English, focusing on any area of Economics will be considered. Prizes for Best Poster Presentation and Best Paper of $500 CAD each will be awarded. In addition a smaller prize will be awarded to each of the 10 successful candidates.

The submission deadline is May 2, 2021 23:59 EST.  For further details see here.


Volume 53, Issue 4 - Special Issue on Immigration in OECD Countries - is now available.  

Online Access to the CJE

 (CEA members only)


Volume 47, Issue 1 of the Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de politiques is now available. 

Online Access to the CPP/Adp

 (CEA members only)


Annual General Meeting | Assemblée générale annuelle

All members of the Association are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of Members.
Monday, June 7, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm ET via video conference

Tous les membres de l'Association sont invités à assister à la réunion annuelle des membres
Lundi 7 juin 2021 de 12 h à 13 h par vidéoconférence


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