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CWEC/CFEC was founded in 2017 after the dissolution of the Canadian Women Economists Network (CWEN/RFE).


The role of the Canadian Women Economists Committee/Comité des Femmes Économistes Canadiennes is to support and promote the advancement of women in the Canadian economics profession. On behalf of the Canadian Economic Association, it will undertake to

  • ensure appropriate representation of women economists and their interests in professional activities and forums
  • improve women economists’ employment opportunities and monitor their progress
  • provide a forum for raising, discussing and addressing issues of concern to women in the Canadian Economic Association

Our Terms of Reference can be found  here.

For a list of the regular activities we sponsor, visit the Ongoing Activities page. 

Committee 2022-2023

Member Affiliation Term Expires at the close of the
Janice Compton (Chair) University of Manitoba 2022 conference
Elisabeth Gugl (Vice-Chair) University of Victoria 2024 conference
Michelle Bronsard Université de Montréal 2023 conference
Sermin Gungor Bank of Canada 2023 conference
Doriane Intungane MacEwan University 2025 conference
Ardyn Nordstrom Carleton University 2026 conference
Kaitlyn O'Neill Venterra Realty 2023 conference
Emma Reinsch University of Victoria 2023 conference
Camille Simardone Ontario Ministry of Finance 2025 conference
Lucienne Talba University of Toronto 2023 conference
Lindsay Tedds University of Calgary 2024 conference
Kareman Yassin University of Ottawa 2023 conference


List of past CWEN presidents.