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The Canadian Women Economists Committee/Comité des Femmes Économistes Canadiennes was created in 2017 as a standing committee of the Canadian Economic Association charged with supporting and promoting the advancement of women in the Canadian economics profession.

It follows directly from the Canadian Women Economist Network (CWEN) which was founded in 1990 as an independent association of persons interested in promoting women economists and their ideas. The change from CWEN to CWEC recognizes that this responsibility of supporting and promoting women does not just fall on the female membership, but on the profession as a whole. Over the past three decades, CWEC/CWEN has been instrumental in promoting women’s involvement with and within the wider Canadian economics community.

Contact information:

Email us at cwec.cfec [at]

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We use QuestionPro's Survey software to collect the student and faculty data that is analyzed in the 2022 CWEC/CFEC Survey Report on the Representation of Women Economists in Canada’s Universities.