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Canadian Women Economists Committee / Comité des Femmes Économistes Canadiennes

Featured Research

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Marlène Koffi, University of Toronto "Innovative Ideas and Gender Inequality" (working paper)

This paper analyzes the recognition of women's innovative ideas in comparison to men, using bibliometric data from economics research. Based on machine learning, I establish the similarities between papers and link them by identifying the paper citing, those cited by it, and those that should be cited. I uncover striking heterogeneity in terms of authorship. On average, papers omitted from references are 15% more likely to be female-authored than male-authored. Variations in gender perception based on given names reveal that articles written by women with female-sounding names are more likely to be omitted than articles by women with male-sounding names.


Elizabeth Dhuey, University of Toronto, featured on 60 Minutes “Redshirting: Holding kids back from kindergarten”, and in Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers

Tammy Schirle, Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy “Income Inequality Among Seniors in Canada: The Role of Women’s Labour Market Experience”

Elizabeth Dhuey “Who Benefits from Kindergarten? Evidence from the Introduction of State Subsidization.”

Janice Compton and Robert A. Pollak, “Proximity and Coresidence of Adult Children and their Parents: Description and Correlates.” Michigan Retirement Research Centre Working Paper 2009-216

Marina Adshade and Ian Keay, “The Origins of the Institute of Marriage” 

Lindsay Tedds, “Keeping it Off the Books: An Empirical Investigation of Firms that Engage in Tax Evasion”

Katherine Cuff, Nicolas Marceau, Steeve Mongrain and Joanne Roberts,“Optimal Policies and the Informal Sector”