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Innis Lecture


The Innis Lecture was established in 1974 in honour of the great Canadian economist, Harold Adams Innis.
Innis was born in 1894 on a farm in Oxford County, Ontario and died 1952 in Toronto. He was educated at McMaster University; served in the artillery during World War I and was wounded in action; then returned to undertake a master's in political economy at the University of Chicago. He joined the faculty of the University of Toronto and, as an economic historian, published a succession of substantial works on major economic sectors in Canada. He is notable for his work on railroads, on the fur trade, and for his "staple" theory of Canadian economic development.
The Innis lecturer is chosen "in recognition of his/her contribution to economics in the broad sense in which Innis construed the subject". The first Innis Lecture was given by V. W. Bladen, and is published in the November 1975 issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics.



Martin Eichenbaum (Northwestern University): "Shining Light on Macro Policy without Fire"

2022 Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia): "Unbundling Female Autonomy"
2021 Lance Lochner (Western University): "Student Loan Repayment in Canada"


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