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CEA Study Groups

How to Become a CEA Study Group?

Study group participation in the CEA conference is confirmed each year by the program office.  For new groups, please forward your request to the conference office at to be reviewed by the conference chair.  Study group funding is granted each year following the conference.  Study Groups must maintain a minimum of ten CEA members to be considered for funding. 

CEA Sponsorship of Study Groups

The Canadian Economics Association will make available funds to each study group according to the allocation formula below. The level of funding depends on the scope of contributions to the conference program. The funds can be used to organize sessions at the CEA meetings or they can be used for other initiatives. 

In order to receive funding for a given year, study groups must organize sessions at the annual conference and draw/provide/manage submissions. Study groups can hold meetings distinct from the CEA annual conference but not in a manner that would harm participation in the CEA conference.

Study group coordinators must be willing to serve on the program committee or ensure that a representative of the study group will serve if asked by the program chair. A study group must have at least 10 CEA members. Study groups are expected to appropriately acknowledge CEA support and to cooperate on matters relating to marketing and communication including maintaining links to the CEA website on their websites.

How is Study Group Funding from the CEA Allocated?

In addition to maintaining ten CEA members in the study group, funding is now granted as per the following.

Organized study groups that manage submissions for the CEA conference will receive no funding, $3,000 or $5,000 per year depending on their status with the CEA.  New study groups are provided start-up funds of $3000 in the first year they manage submissions and organize sessions for the CEA meeting.  Subsequent to this first year, all new groups become currently active study groups. 

Currently active study groups must draw/provide/manage a minimum of 25 submissions to the CEA meetings on average in the last three years to remain in good standing.  All study groups in good standing receive $3000 per year. Currently active study groups that draw over 100 submissions to the meetings will be granted an additional bonus payment $2,000 in that particular year. 

There will be a one-year grandfathering provision for 2021 to ease the adjustment to the new funding formula.  During the first year of implementation, study groups will receive the maximum of the payments across the new and old funding formulae. 

Note: The CEA will not provide study group funding in the form of a personal cheque. All disbursements must be made payable to a university or an institution.