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Canadian Women Economists Committee

The Canadian Women Economists Committee/Comité des Femmes Économistes Canadiennes was created in 2017 as a standing committee of the Canadian Economic Association charged with supporting and promoting the advancement of women in the Canadian economics profession.

It follows directly from the Canadian Women Economist Network (CWEN) which was founded in 1990 as an independent association of persons interested in promoting women economists and their ideas. The change from CWEN to CWEC recognizes that this responsibility of supporting and promoting women does not just fall on the female membership, but on the profession as a whole. Over the past three decades, CWEC/CWEN has been instrumental in promoting women’s involvement with and within the wider Canadian economics community.

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Nominating Committee

Committee Members: Nicole Fortin (chair), Ana Ferrer, David Green, Byron Lew, Francisco Ruge-Murcio, Scott Taylor

The Nominating Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary as ex officio members, and three Directors appointed by the Board as members at large for a term not exceeding two years. All committee members have the right to vote on matters before the committee. None of the appointed members of the Nominating Committee shall be from the same institution or organization as another member of the Nominating Committee at the time of their appointment. The President chairs the Committee.

Budget and Finance Committee

Committee Members: Nicole Fortin (chair), Werner Antweiler, Victoria Barham, Katherine Cuff, Brandon Schaufele 

The Finance and Budget Committee is responsible for (i) preparing an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors; (ii) advising the Board on the financial impact of proposed new initiatives or activities; (iii) preparing and updating a long-term financial plan; and (iv) recommending an auditor. The Finance and Budget Committee is composed of the President, who chairs the committee, the Treasurer, and such other members as the Board appoints.

Investment Committee

Committee Members: Werner Antweiler (chair), Ana Ferrer, James MacKinnon, Randall Morck.

The Investment Committee is responsible for (i) advising the Board on the Association’s investment policy, and (ii) advising the Board on managing its investment portfolio. The Investment Committee is composed of the Treasurer, who shall chair the committee, and between two and four other members appointed by the Board.

The CEA has adopted an Investment Policy in 2016.


Future Meetings Committee

Committee Members: Ana Ferrer (chair), Ana Dammert, David Green, Brandon Schaufele 

The Future Meetings Committee is tasked with securing and preparing venues for the next four years for the Annual Meeting and Conference of its Members. 

Committee for the Code of Conduct

Committee Members: Ana Ferrer (chair), Janice Compton, Nicole Fortin, Pierre-Carl Michaud

The Committee for the Code of Conduct was created following the adoption of the CEA Code of Conduct to address any complaints that may arise. The secretary serves as the chair of the committee.