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Information for Program Participants

Information for CEA Program Participants

The preliminary program will be available for viewing in April. After checking your session(s) for accuracy, please contact the office at if there are any concerns. If you cannot present your paper and would like a co-author to present, please inform the office at the email address above email. All changes must be sent by or before May 1st of the program year. All participants and attendees in a session are expected to register for the conference. 

Presentation Formats and General Information for Participants

A paper can be accepted as a regular session (Oral) presentation (approximately 18 minutes) or a short paper (Oral) presentation (approximately 8-10 minutes). The acceptance will also specify if a submission is accepted for an online session or an in-person session. Other types of presentations include panel sessions and poster sessions. Information for specific types of sessions and online format can be found here 

Information for Chairs

Session chairs typically have three responsibilities: finding discussants for the papers in the session (or deciding that no discussants are necessary), communicating with authors to make sure that papers are circulated to discussants and other session participants in a timely fashion, and keeping the session running on time. More details for a session chair can be found here

Information for Discussants

The role of the discussant is to critique the paper under consideration. Papers should be discussed courteously and tactfully. The idea is to provide constructive criticism that will help the audience understand the paper and allow the author of the paper to rethink important points, and possibly improve the paper. Discussions should neither be glorifications nor vilifications. Furthermore, discussions should not simply summarize the paper and rehash the author's presentation but offer an alternative perspective. Discussants should also refrain from turning the allotted time into a presentation of the discussant's own research; discussions should stay close to the paper under consideration. More details for a paper discussant can be found here

International Attendees


Important note for International Attendees:

The wait times for Visas as of today, December 19, 2023, can be prohibitively long and may not arrive in time for you to attend the CEA 2024 in-person conference.  International presenters who require an invitation letter to attend in-person should apply for the online conference instead. 

The CEA is pleased to welcome international attendees to the conference each year. We understand that the process of acquiring a "Letter of Invitation" for visa purposes is a time-sensitive issue. We will endeavor to prepare letters as soon as possible however we must follow the Immigration Canada guidelines as outlined on the websites below.

The evaluation of papers begins in mid-February and the last day for notifying paper submitters (authors) on the acceptance or rejection of is typically the end of March or early April. As soon as a paper has been reviewed and accepted for presentation an electronic acceptance letter will be emailed to the submitting author. Once this email is received, the author must send a request for a letter of invitation to

Please note that only one letter per submission will be issued, for the lead (submitting) author of the paper. If a co-author will present instead of the lead author then the paper must be revised in order to reflect that the co-author will now be the lead author. This can only be done by the CEA organizers. If this is required please email Paula Emery at Each registered conference participant can only present one paper.

The approximate timeline for sending out letters of invitations is between mid-February and March 31st. Please ensure your email address, your mailing address, and full name are current and correct in your CEA account. We cannot issue invitation letters if the information is incomplete. If there are any concerns with your profile, please contact Paula Emery at

Immigration Canada guidelines