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The following papers have been accepted for publication by the Canadian Journal of Economics and the publication plans listed below represent our best guess as to the contents of future issues of the CJE.  The Editorial Board reserves the right to change the contents of any forthcoming issue and the right to withhold from publication any paper listed below if, in their view, circumstances warrant.

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Volume 56, No.3   August 2023

"The Great Canadian Recovery: The Impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s Labour Market," by Stephen R.G. Jones, Fabian Lange, W. Craig Riddell, and Casey Warman

"Reworking Wild Bootstrap Based Inference for Clustered Errors," by Matthew D. Webb

"Trade Induced Sectoral Upgrading and Upstream Financial Flows," by Haiping Zhang

"Age and health related non-linear inheritance taxation," by Marie-Louise Leroux, and Pierre Pestieau

"Optimal income taxation with tax avoidance and endogenous labor supply," by Georges Casamatta

"Carbon Tax Pass-Through in Canadian Retail Gasoline Markets," by Can Erutku, and Vincent Hildebrand

"Can I live with you after I retire? Retirement, old age support, and internal migration in a developing country," by Simiao Chen, Zhangfeng Jin, and Klaus Prettner

"Build it and they will come: Volunteer Opportunities and Volunteering," by Catherine Deri Armstrong, Rose Anne Devlin, and Forough Seifi

"Who wins and who loses from state subsidies?," by Jun Du, Sourafel Girma, Holger Görg, and Ignat Stepanok

"Non-Linearities in International Prices," by Inkoo Lee, Sang Soo Park, and Marios Zachariadis

"The unintended consequences of semi-autonomous revenue agencies," by Mohammed Mardan

"Decomposing the Effect of Trade on the Gender Wage Gap," by Felipe Benguria and Josh Ederington

"Quantifying the Trade Reducing Effect of Embargoes: Firm Level Evidence from Russia," by Anna Miromanova

"Auction Design by an Informed Seller: A Foundation of Reserve Price Signaling," by Xin Zhao

Volume 56, No.4   November 2023

Presidential Address

“Basic Income and the Labour Market: Labour Supply, Precarious Work, and Technological Change”, by David Green

Innis Lecture

“On the Usefulness of Rational Expectations for Analyzing Market Outcomes”, by Martin Eichenbaum


"Do Standards Improve the Quality of Traded Products?," by Anne-Célia Disdier, Carl Gaigné and Cristina Herghelegiu

"Board Gender Quotas and Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from France," by Koray Aktaş, Valeria Gattai, and Piergiovanna Natale

"Pharmaceutical Regulation under Market Integration through Parallel Trade," by Laura Birg

"Endogenous Timing and Income Inequality in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: Theory and Experiment," by Jun-ichi Itaya, Atsue Mizushima, and Kengo Kurosaka

download"Royalty Taxation under Tax Competition and Profit Shifting," by Steffen Juranek, Dirk Schindler, and Andrea Schneider

"Imperfect Public Choice," by André de Palma, Gordon M. Myers and Yorgos Y. Papageorgiou

"Tax Compliance and Firm Response to Electronic Sales Monitoring," by Martin Boyer and Philippe d'Astous

"Export Tax Refund and the Misreporting by Chinese Exporters," by Xinzheng Shi and Zhufeng Xu

download"An experimental investigation of persuasion through selective disclosure of evidence," by Arianna Degan, Ming Li, and Huan Xie

download"Followers of the Pied Piper of Pensioners," by Conrado Cuevas, Dan Bernhardt, and Mario Sanclemente

download"Macroeconomic tail risk, currency crises, and the inter-war gold standard," by Chanelle Duley and Prasanna Gai

download"Skill-Replacing Technological Change and the Skill Premium: Theory and Evidence," by Wenbo Zhu


Papers Accepted for Publication

download"When Pro-poor Microcredit Institutions Favor Richer Borrowers - A Moral Hazard Story," by Sara Biancini, David Ettinger, and Baptiste Venet

download"Mandatory Minimum Sentencing and its Effect on Sentencing Distributions: Evidence from Canada," by Emilia Galan, Steven F. Lehrer, and Jeffrey Penney

download"Macroeconomic Effects of Discretionary Tax Changes in Canada: Evidence from a new narrative measure of tax shocks," by Syed M. Hussain and Lin Liu

download"Random Choice and Market Demand," by Javier A. Birchenall

download"From the Food Mail Program to Nutrition North Canada: The Impact on Food Insecurity among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Families with Children," by Angela Daley, Sujita Pandey, Sujita Pandey, and Barry Watson

download"Modelling The Composition Of Household Portfiolios: A Latent Class Approach" by Raslan Alzuabi, Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, and Karl Taylor

download"A comment on Dincecco et al. (2022): Pre-colonial warfare and long-run development in India" by Rachel Forshaw, Tim Ölkers, Ritika Sethi, and Manali Sovani

download"On the empirical validity of “Gendered reactions to terrorist attacks can cause slumps not bumps” (Holman et al., 2022)" by Michael Jetter and Kieran Stockley

download"Social Mobility Trends in Canada: Going up the Great Gatsby Curve" by Marie Connolly and Catherine Haeck

download"Family-Level Responses to the Introduction of Tax-Free Savings Accounts," by Adam M. Lavecchia

download"A Bargaining Perspective on Vertical Integration" by Hendrik Döpper, Geza Sapi, and Christian Wey

download"Strategic Capital Taxation, Tradable Emission Permits, and Global Pollution" by Nikos Tsakiris, Panos Hatzipanayotouy, and Michael S. Michael

download"Cross-Border Technology Investments in Recession," by Juliana Yu Sun and Huanhuan Zheng

download"The Impact of Preferential Market Access: British Imports into Canada, 1892-1903" by Ian Keay and Brian D. Varian

download"International trade fluctuations: global versus regional factors" by Karen Jackson and Krzysztof Beck


Conditionally Accepted Papers

download"Measuring Physicians’ Response to Incentives: Labour Supply, Multitasking, and Earnings" by Nibene Habib Somé, Bernard Fortin, and Bruce Shearer

download"The Price of Capital Goods, Investment and Labor: Micro-Evidence from a Trade Liberalization" by Sergii Meleshchuk and Yannick Timmer

download"Unemployment Volatility in a Generalised Staggered Nash Wage Bargaining Framework" by Engin Kara

download"Oligopoly and Oligopsony in International Trade" by Lucas Macedoni and Vladimir Tyazhelnikov

download"Optimal self-insurance with genetic testing and state-dependent utility" by David Crainich

download"Time to say goodbye? The impact of environmental regulation on foreign divestment" by Haiou Mao, Holger Görg, and Guopei Fang

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