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The following papers have been accepted for publication by the Canadian Journal of Economics and the publication plans listed below represent our best guess as to the contents of future issues of the CJE.  The Editorial Board reserves the right to change the contents of any forthcoming issue and the right to withhold from publication any paper listed below if, in their view, circumstances warrant.

Volume 53, No. 3 August 2020

Temporary Foreign Workers and Firms: Theory and Canadian Evidence by Pierre Brochu, Till Gross and Christopher Worswick 

Trade and labour standards: Will there be a race to the bottom? by Zhiqi Chen and Afshan Dar-Brodeur 

Innovation, patents and trade: A firm‐level analysis by Evangelia Chalioti, Kyriakos Drivas, Sarantis Kalyvitis and Margarita Katsimi

Multinationals, Intrafirm Trade, and Employment Volatility by Kozo Kiyota, Toshiyuki Matsuura and Yoshio Higuchi 

Wage inequality, skill‐specific unemployment and trade liberalization by Seda Koymen-Ozer 

The role of the gravity forces on firms’ trade by Antonio Navas, Francesco Serti and Chiara Tomasi

Going the distance: Estimating the effect of provincial borders on trade when geography (and everything else) matters by Robby K. Bemrose, W. Mark Brown and Jesse Tweedle 

GSP Expiration and Declining Exports from Developing Countries by Shushanik Hakobyan

Aid and growth: New evidence using an excludable instrument by Axel Dreher and Sarah Langlotz

Dynamic incentives in microfinance with commitment‐type borrower by Shiqu Zhou

Exposing false advertising by Florian Baumann and Alexander Rasch

Financial stability and interest‐rate policy: A quantitative assessment of costs and benefit by Stefan Laséen and Andrea Pescatori

Exchange rate passthrough at the micro and macro levels in a small open economy: Evidence from several million unit values by John Lewis

Social connections and editorship in economics by Raffaele Miniaci and Michele Pezzoni 

A time to make laws and a time to fundraise? On the relation between salaries and time use for state politicians by Mitchell Hoffman and Elizabeth Lyons

Volume 53, No.4 - Special Issue: Immigration in OECD Countries   November 2020

An Introduction to the Economics of Immigration in OECD Countries: Insights from Recent Research by Anthony Edo , Lionel Ragot , Hillel Rapoport , Sulin Sardoschau , Andreas Steinmayr and Arthur Sweetman

Skill Transferability and the Earnings of Immigrants by Nick Manuel and Miana Plesca

Do potential migrants internalise migrant rights in OECD host societies? by Michel Beine, Joël Machado and Ilse Ruyssen 

Computerization and Immigration: Theory and Evidence from the United States by Gaetano Basso, Giovanni Peri and Ahmed S. Rahman 

International Students and Labor Market Outcomes of U.S. Natives by Murat Demirci

Living in limbo: Economic and social costs for refugees by Nadiya Ukrayinchuk and Olena Havrylchyk

Not Just a Work Permit: EU Citizenship and the Consumption Behavior of Documented and Undocumented Immigrants by Effrosyni Adamopoulou and Ezgi Kaya

Immigrant earnings returns to post-migration education: Evidence for Canada, 1999-2013 by Wen Ci, Michelle Laing, Marcel Voia and Christopher Worswick 

Migration as a Test of the Happiness Set-Point Hypothesis: Evidence from Immigration to Canada and the United Kingdom by John F. Helliwell, Hugh Shiplett and Aneta Bonikowska

Immigrants’ net direct fiscal contribution: how does it change over their lifetime and what are its determinants?by Haozhen Zhang, Jianwei Zhong and Cédric de Chardon 

Individual attitudes towards migration: A reexamination of the evidence by Tobias Müller and Silvio Hong Tiing Tai

The Effect of Migration on Terror - Made at Home or Imported from Abroad? by Axel Dreher, Martin Gassebner and Paul Schaudt

The Role of Institutions and Immigrant Networks in Firms’ Offshoring Decisions by Simone Moriconi, Giovanni Peri and Dario Pozzoli 

Papers Accepted for Publication

Indian Residential Schools, Height, and Body Mass Post-1930 by Donna L. Feir and M. Christopher Auld

Estimating the Trade and Welfare Effects of Brexit: A Panel Data Structural Gravity Model by Harald Oberhofer and Michael Pfaffermayr

Microfinance and Missing Markets by M. Shahe Emran, AKM Mahbub Morshed and Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Earned Income Tax Credit: Targeting the Poor but Crowding Out Wealth by Charles Gottlieb and Maren Froemel

The Evolution of Longevity: Evidence from Canada by Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle

Transfers in the Gravity Equation by Hendrik Kruse and Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso

Opting out and topping up reconsidered: informal care under uncertain altruism by Chiara Canta and Helmuth Cremer

The Impact of Inflation Targeting: Testing the Good Luck Hypothesis by Federico Ravenna and Marcus Molbak Ingholt

On the profitability of self-Sabotage by David P. Brown and David E. M. Sappington

Optimal Sequential Contract with a Risk Averse Supplier by Chifeng Dai

Estimating the Effects of Non-discriminatory Trade Policies within Structural Gravity Models by Benedikt Heid, Mario Larch and Yoto Yotov

Innovation, trade and multi-product firms by Letizia Montinari, Massimo Riccaboni and Stefano Schiavo

On the interpretation of diploma wage effects estimated by regression discontinuity designs by Georg Graetz

Exempted Sectors in Free Trade Agreements by Alan Deardorff and Rishi Raj Sharma

The life-cycle of trading activity and liquidity of Government of Canada bonds: Evidence from cash, repo, and securities lending markets by Narayan Bulusu and Sermin Gungor

Fiscal Integration with Internal Trade: Quantifying the Effects of Equalizing Transfers by Trevor Tombe and Jennifer Winter

Large and Influential: Firm Size and Governments' Corporate Tax Rate Choice by Martin Simmler and Nadine Riedel

The Better Route to Global Tax Coordination: Gradualism or Multilateralism? by Kai A. Konrad and Marcel P. Thum

Strategic profit-sharing in a unionized differentiated goods oligopoly by Emmanuel Petrakis and Panagiotis Skartados

Education: Optimal Choice and Efficient Policy by Wolfram F. Richter and Kerstin Schneider

Natural Resource Exports and African Countries' Voting Behavior in the United Nations: Evidence from the Economic Rise of China by Yi Che and Xiaoyu He

Firm Heterogeneity, Technology Adoption, and the Spatial Distribution of Population: Theory and Measurement by Alex W. Chernoff

Social Preferences, Monopsony, and Government Intervention by Laszlo Goerke and Michael Neugart

The impact of technological change on new trade evidence from the container revolution by Daniel M. Bernhofen, Zouheir El-Sahli and Richard Kneller

Borders, varieties and distribution costs: Evidence from a US-Canada retail chain by Nicholas Li

How Much Do Global Value Chains Boost Innovation? by Roberta Piermartini and Stela Rubínová

Home Bias and Market Power: Evidence from the Chinese Automobile Industry by Mian Dai, Qiang Gong and Shiyu Tan

Can Public Spending Boost Private Consumption? by Stylianos Asimakopoulos, Marco Lorusso and Luca Pieroni

The impact of service and goods offshoring on employment: firm-level evidence by Carmine Ornaghi, Ilke Van Beveren and Stijn Vanormelingen

Offshoring and Sequential Production Chains: A General Equilibrium Analysis by Philipp Harms, Jaewon Jung and Oliver Lorz

Learning Efficiency Shocks, Knowledge Capital and the Business Cycle: A Bayesian Evaluation by Alok Johri and Muhebullah Karimzada

Canadian Journal of Economics: A Historic Overview by Konstantinos Metaxoglou

Credit frictions, selection into external finance, and gains from trade by Florian Unger

Apostolic Voting by Ruzica Savcic and Dimitrios Xefteris

Decomposing Changes in Establishment Level Emissions with Entry and Exit by James Scott Holladay and Lawrence LaPlue

The determinants of IMF fiscal conditionality: economics or politics? by Bernardo Guimaraes and Carlos Eduardo de Almeida Ladeira

Pipeline capacity and the dynamics of Alberta crude oil price spreads by Gregory Galay and Henry Thille