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Volume 57, No.2   May 2024

"Pause artificial intelligence research? Understanding AI policy challenges" by Avi Goldfarb

"Unemployment Volatility in a Generalised Staggered Nash Wage Bargaining Framework" by Engin Kara

"Oligopoly and Oligopsony in International Trade" by Lucas Macedoni and Vladimir Tyazhelnikov

"Import tariffs and transport prices" by Dominik Boddin, Frank Stähler

"Welfare Effects of Common Ownership in an International Duopoly" by Yi Liu and Toshihiro Matsumura

"Canadian Productivity Growth: Stuck in the Oil Sands" by Oliver Loertscher and Pau S. Pujolas

"Time to say goodbye? The impact of environmental regulation on foreign divestment" by Haiou Mao, Holger Görg, and Guopei Fang

"Designing Turnover Taxes in Countries with Large Informal Sectors" by Feng Wei and Jean-François Wen

"Public Goods and Bads with Vulnerable Individuals: How Information and Social Nudges Change Behavior" by Anna Lou Abatayoya and Tongzhe Li

"Free, full-day programming for four-year-old children in Nova Scotia and women’s labour market outcomes" by Jasmin Thomas

"Measuring Physicians’ Response to Incentives: Labour Supply, Multitasking, and Earnings" by Nibene Habib Somé, Bernard Fortin, and Bruce Shearer

Papers Accepted for Publication

"A comment on Dincecco et al. (2022): Pre-colonial warfare and long-run development in India" by Rachel Forshaw, Tim Ölkers, Ritika Sethi, and Manali Sovani

"On the empirical validity of “Gendered reactions to terrorist attacks can cause slumps not bumps” (Holman et al., 2022)" by Michael Jetter and Kieran Stockley

download"Optimal self-insurance with genetic testing and state-dependent utility" by David Crainich

download"Explaining Bitcoin ownership in Canada: Trends from 2016 to 2021" by Daniela Balutel, Walter Engert, Christopher Henry, Kim P. Huynh, Marcel Voia, Yi Liu and Toshihiro Matsumura

"Bilateralism vs. multilateralism: Role of political economy for the prospect of multilateral free trade" by Eric Conglin Chi and Halis Murat Yildiz

download"The Market for Technologies and Aggregate Innovation" by Shiyun Xia

download"Political Backlash and Consumer Boycotts: Evidence from the NFB Relocation and Movie Demand in Canada" by Ricard Gil and Jingyi Xing

download"Multi-plant Firms and the Heavy Tail of Firm Size Distribution" by Anindya S. Chakrabarti and Shekhar Tomar

download"Reproduce to Validate: a Comprehensive Study on the Reproducibility of Economics Research" by Sylvérie Herbert, Hautahi Kingi, Flavio Stanchi, and Lars Vilhuber

download"Gravity for Cross-border Licensing and the Impact of Deep Trade Agreements: Theory and Evidence" by Naoto Jinji, Yukiko Sawada, Xingyuan Zhang, and Shoji Haruna

download"Observational Learning and Firm Dynamics" by Zachary Mahone and Filippo Rebessi

download"Rule of Law, Economic Structure and Development" by Roberto M. Samaniego and Juliana Y. Sun

download"Cross-retaliation and International Dispute Settlement" by Richard Chisik and Chuyi Fang

download"The Design of External Reference Pricing Schemes and the Choice of Reference Countries and Pricing Rules" by Laura Birg

download"Preferential Trade Liberalization with Endogenous Cartel Discipline: Implications for Trade and Welfare" by Delina E. Agnosteva, Constantinos Syropoulos, and Yoto V. Yotov

download"Collective Bargaining about Corporate Social Responsibility" by Laszlo Goerke and Nora Paulus

download"Using Functional Shocks to Assess Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Canada" by Thorsten Koeppl, Jeremy M. Kronick, and James McNeill

download"Home Production and Time Use in an Epidemic" by Shaofeng Xu and Jie Feng

"Symposium on Misallocation and Structural Transformation: Introduction" by Tasso Adamopoulos and Diego Restuccia

download"Outward Direct Investment as a Shelter from External Trade Policy Shocks: Firm-Level Investigation of the U.S.-China Trade War" by Haoyuan Ding, Haichao Fan, Guangyuan Guo, Guoyong Liang, and Tong Qi

download"Economic Implications of a Phased-in EV Mandate in Canada" by Ross McKitrick

download"Regional specialisation: from the geography of industries to the geography of jobs" by Antoine Gervais, James R. Markusen, and Anthony J. Venables

download"Revisiting Quebec's Quiet Revolution: A Synthetic Control Analysis" by Vincent Geloso and Chandler S. Reilly

download"Occupational Choice, Human Capital, and Financial Constraints" by Rui Castro and Pavel Ševčík

download"The Price of Capital Goods, Investment and Labor: Micro-Evidence from a Trade Liberalization" by Sergii Meleshchuk and Yannick Timmer

download"China's Declining Business Dynamism" by Diego A. Cerdeiro and Cian Ruane

"The Plant-Level View of Korea's Growth Miracle and Slowdown" by Munseob Lee and Yongseok Shin


Conditionally Accepted Papers

download"On the Heterogeneous Effects of Sanctions on Trade" by Gabriel Felbermayr, Constantinos Syropoulos, Erdal Yalcin, and Yoto V. Yotov

download"On the Trade Effects of GATT/WTO Membership: They are Positive and Large After All" by Mario Larch, José-Antonio Monteiro, Roberta Piermartini, and Yoto V. Yotov

download"School Ties and Evaluation Outcomes: Evidence from the Korean Basketball League" by Hoon Choi and Seik Kim

download"Personalized Medicine and Prevention: Can Cross-Subsidies Survive in the Health Insurance Markets?" by David Bardey and Philippe De Donder

download"Misallocation in the Chinese Land Market" by Xuan Fei, Yumin Hu, Mingzhi (Jimmy) Xu

download"Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Differ from Other Uncertainty Measures? Replication of Baker, Bloom, and Davis (2016)" by Siye Bae, Soojin Jo, and Myungkyu Shim

download"Family Migration and Structural Transformation" by Huoqing Cao, Chaoren Chen, Xican Xi, and Sharon Xuejing Zuo

download"The Economics of Canadian Immigration Levels" by Matthew Doyle, Mikal Skuterud, and Christopher Worswick

download"Snowballing alongside Domino Effects on the Proliferation of Preferential Trade Agreements" by Jee-Hyeong Park and Jaeyoun Roh

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