Conference Programme & Highlights


The detailed preliminary programme with accepted papers will be available at the beginning of April.

In the meantime, please see Information for participants for further details.



Programme Highlights:




Innis Lecture

Lance Lochner (Western)

Professor and Director of the Centre for Human Capital and Productivity (CHCP), and Canada Research Chair in Human Capital and Inequality at Western UniversityHis research on labor economics and the economics of education studies the determinants of human capital accumulation and intergenerational mobility.

Doug Purvis Memorial Lecture

Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth)

Niehaus Family Professor in International Studies at Dartmouth College. Her research interests are at the intersection of international trade, development, and industrial organization, and focus on how households, workers, and firms respond to globalization. 

State of the Art Lecture

Susan Athey (Stanford GSB)

The Economics of Technology Professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Her current research focuses on the design of auction-based marketplaces and the economics of the internet, primarily on online advertising and the economics of the news media.

State of the Art Lecture

Chris Blattman (Chicago Harris)

Ramalee E. Pearson Professor of Global Conflict Studies at the University of Chicago.  His research examines that causes of conflict, crime, and poverty in developing countries.

State of the Art Lecture

Nick Bloom (Stanford)

William Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University. His research focuses on management practices and the macroeconomic implications of uncertainty.





State of the Art Lecture

Loren Brandt (University of Toronto)

Noranda Chair in International Trade  and Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. His research interest focuses on issues of industrial upgrading and  growth in China.

State of the Art Lecture

Olivier Deschenes (UC Santa Barbara)

 Proferssor of Economics at the University of California at Santa Barbara. His research in the area of environmental economics examines the effects of climate change.

State of the Art Lecture

Silvia Goncalves (McGill University)

Professor of Economics at McGill University. Her research in econometrics is concerned with the use of bootstrapping in cross-section and time-series models.

State of the Art Lecture

Adriana Lleras-Muney (UCLA)

Professor of Economics at the University of California at Los Angeles. Her research examines the relationships between socio-economic status and health, with a particular focus on education and income.