Conference Programme & Highlights


Important Update Regarding CEA 2020: Cancellation

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The detailed preliminary programme with accepted papers will be available at the beginning of April.

In the meantime, please see Information for participants for further details

Programme Highlights:

Innis Lecture

"Unbundling Female Empowerment”

Siwan Anderson, Professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia and a fellow of the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development. Her research on micro-level institutions and the role of gender studies the interplay between economic development, institutions and women’s welfare.

State of the Art Lecture

Veronica Guerrieri, Ronald E. Tarrson Professor of Economics, at the Booth School of Business, University of Chicago. Her research in macroeconomics explores market imperfections.

Doug Purvis Memorial Lecture

"Deaths of Despair"

Anne Case, Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Emeritus at Princeton University. Her recent research on health over the life course has uncovered recent increases in midlife morbidity and mortality that she attributes to drugs, alcohol, and suicide, also known as “Deaths of Despair.” 



State of the Art Lecture

 “Social Networks and the Market for News”

Rachel E. Kranton, James B. Duke Professor of Economics at Duke University. Her research in the field of economics of networks include theories of how networks affect economic behavior.  

State of the Art Lecture

Loren Brandt, Noranda Chair in International Trade  and Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. His research interest focuses on issues of industrial upgrading and  growth in China.




State of the Art Lecture

"Common Employer Learning"

Fabian Lange, CRC Chair in Labour and Personnel  Economics and Associate Professor of Economics at  McGill University. His research focuses on employer learning and labour market dynamics.

State of the Art Lecture

Joshua Gans, Jeffrey S. Skoll Chair and Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management,  University of Toronto. His research interests include the economics of AI.





State of the Art Lecture

Fiona M. Scott Morton, Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics at the Yale University School of  Management. Her primary research interests are  competition and anti-trust.

CEA Presidential Address: 
M. Scott Taylor (University of Calgary)


CWEC Luncheon Lecture 
Sharon Kozicki (Bank of Canada)


Bank of Canada Fellowship Lecture:

Francisco Ruge-Murcia (McGill University)

Canadian Public Policy Lecture: 

Kevin Milligan (University of British Columbia)


Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF) Keynote Lecture:

Lisa Khan (University of Rochester)


Canadian Development Economics Study Group (CDESG) Keynote Speaker

Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale University)


Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture 


PEF Keynote Lecture