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Programme & Highlights

Photo credit : Dan Harper (Tourism Winnipeg)

CEA 2023 Detailed Preliminary Programme Link. [Tuesday, May 30 online and June 1-3 in-person]

PDF Version of the Programme with Welcome Messages!

Please Note: To increase the readability of the program, we have edited long or multiple affiliations using the author's Web page, REPEC, etc. to verify the main affiliation. We apologize in advance if despite our best efforts an error has found its way into the program. If any concerns are found, please identify them in an email to

Programme Participant List

Information for Programme Participants [click to view]


57th Annual Meetings of the CEA 


Embrace Day Special Events and Workshops (Thursday June 1)

Embrace Day Lecture
Randall Akee
UCLA, Luskin School of Public Affairs

Embrace Day Fireside Chat
Evelyn Forget
University of Manitoba
Building Career Resilience; or, what I wish I knew at 25

State of the Art Lectures

Janet Currie 
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Child Health as Human Capital

Avi Goldfarb
Rotman School of Management
The Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé
Columbia University
What Do Long Data Tell Us About r* and π*?

Elie Tamer
Harvard University
The Econometrics of Counterfactuals in Simple Games

Daron Acemoglu (online day)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rethinking the Direction of Technological Change

Annamaria Lusardi (online day)
George Washington University School of Business
Financial Literacy and Personal Finance - An Overview

CEA Presidential Address
David Green

University of British Columbia
Basic Income and the Labour Market: Labour Supply, Precarious Work, Technological Change, and AI

CWEC Lecture
Nicole Fortin

University of British Columbia
Gender Differences in Career Progress among Ph.D.s in Economics

Innis Lecture
Martin Eichenbaum

Northwestern University
Shining Light on Macro Policy without Fire

Purvis Lecture
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

The University of Chicago
Climate Change Economics over Time and Space

Bank of Canada Fellowship Lecture
Robert Clark

Queen's University
Banking Crises and the Resolution of Failed Institutions

CDESG Keynote Lecture
Máximo Torero

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

CIRANO-JDI-Phelps-RIIB Invited Lecture on Competition Policy and Regulation
Margaret Slade

University of British Columbia
Monopsony: How is it measured, what do we know, what should be done?

CLEF Keynote Lecture
Kevin Lang

Boston University
How Credible is the Credibility Revolution?

Environment and Climate Change Canada Keynote Lecture
Thomas Rutherford

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Capital Malleability and its Implications for Climate Policy Design

PEF Galbraith Prize in Economics
Armine Yalnizyan

Walking With Giants: What Galbraith Can Teach Us About This Moment in Economic Thought

50th Anniversary: Canadian Public Policy Lectures (Four Lectures)

Donn Feir (University of Victoria) - online
Policies for Other People: Reflections from an Economist on 150 years of Colonial Policy and Indigenous Outcomes in Canada

Steven Ambler (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Reintegrating Money into Monetary Policy
Elizabeth Dhuey (University of Toronto)
Will the Increased Investment in Early Learning and Childcare in Canada Pay Off?

Jennifer Winter (University of Calgary)
Exploring the Landscape of Canadian Climate Policy


The detailed preliminary programme will be available in early April

Conference Organizing Committee:

Professor Michelle Alexopoulos (University of Toronto), Programme Chair.
Paula Emery, CEA Conference Coordinator

Sonya Marion, CEA Executive Officer


Local Organizers:

The University of Winnipeg:

Professor Hugh Grant
Professor Melanie O'Gorman

Professor Soham Baksi
Professor Stefan Dodds
Professor Yiwen Wang


Lilith Bauer, Executive Assistant to the Dean/Manager of Budget and Operations 

The University of Manitoba:

Professor Soodeh Saberian
Professor Umut Oguzoglu


Programme Selection Committee:
CEA Study Groups and Scientific Committees [view list]

Session Organizers and Other Contributors: [view list]