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Economists Remembered

The Canadian Economics Association publishes obituaries from the Canadian economics community. The CEA does not solicit obituaries but will publish any obituary that is submitted once approved by the Editor. Obituaries represents solely the views of the author(s). It is neither intended nor implied that these obituaries express an official opinion of the Canadian Economics Association. Obituaries are published as web-only supplements. They are available as PDF files from this web page. 

Rhys Kesselman (1946-2024)

by Nancy Olewiler (SFU) with David Green and Kevin Milligan (UBC)

Claude Montmarquette (1942-2021)

by Marcel Boyer (Montréal), Jean-Marie Dufour (McGill) et Bernard Fortin (Laval)

Jasmina Arifovic (1959 - 2022)

by Curtis Eaton, Luba Petersen, Nicolas Schmitt

Ngo Van Long (1948 - 2022)

by Hassan Benchekroun (McGill University)

Pierre Lasserre (1950-2017)

by Steve Ambler and Gérard Gaudet
    Canadian Journal of Economics - Supplement, April 2017

Robert N. McRae (1948-2006)

by Christopher J. Bruce and John Helliwell
    Canadian Journal of Economics - Supplement, June 2006

Malcolm C. Urquhart (1913-2002)

by Alan Green and Frank Lewis
    Canadian Journal of Economics - Supplement, November 2003

Earl Francis Beach (1912-2002)

by Charles M. Beach and John C. Kurien
    Canadian Journal of Economics - Supplement, October 2003

Stuart Marshall Jamieson (1914-2002)
by W. Craig Riddell, Gideon Rosenbluth, and Mark Thompson
    Canadian Journal of Economics - Supplement, August 2003