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Information for Session Organizers

Session Organizers

If you would like to organize a special session on a specific topic and you have authors/presenters lined up, contact the CEA Conference Coordinator at by January 31st to request a special session. In order to forward your request to the Conference Chair, you must fill out the following form with as much information as possible (additional information can be sent later if necessary): Special Session Request Form.

The Conference Chair will confirm if the proposed session has been accepted after which you will be asked to inform authors to submit their abstracts, if applicable. 

If the session includes paper presentations, all authors must submit an abstract through the regular process using the online system, by the deadline to submit (see below for the link for important dates). Session organizers, please inform the author to follow the following steps, using the regular submission portal:

First, in Step 1 you will be asked to identify a “Track”. At this point choose "Special/Pre-Organized Session”. 

In Step 6 "Additional Information" please identify the name of the special session and the organizer e.g. "John Smith's special session, John Smith Organizer". 

Important dates, including the deadlines for submission and registration, can be found here.

Panel Sessions: please provide the information requested in the Special Session Request Form. This includes a title for the panel and an outline of the panel topic. As well as the full name, affiliation and email of the presenters in order that they can be added to the system. Typically a panel includes 3 or more presenters and a chair for the session. Papers are typically not attached to the panelists in these sessions, however, we encourage organizers to provide a paragraph or more for each panelist, so that we can add this information to the programme details. The number of panel sessions in the program is limited and therefore a session that includes academic papers is the preferred session type.