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Awards: Vanderkamp Prize (Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques)

Vanderkamp Prize

The Vanderkamp Prize is awarded annually by  Canadian Public Policy for the best paper in the preceding year. The winning paper is selected by a multidisciplinary panel and is typically presented during the CEA Annual Meetings. For information about the Vanderkamp Prize please see the CPP website (external redirect).



   John Vanderkamp

   First Editor of  Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de politiques


Congratulations to the 2023 Winner
(presented in Toronto, 2024)

The winner of the Vanderkamp Prize for best article in 2023 is Jennifer WInter, Brett Dolter, G. Kent Fellows for "Carbon Pricing Costs for Households and the Progressivity of Revenue Recycling Options in Canada"

Previous Winners


Mario Fortin (Université de Sherbrooke) for his paper "The Fiscal Impact of Quantitative Easing" vol 48(4) pp. 490-502, December 2022.

Runner-up: Pierre Brochu and Jonathan Créchet (both of University of Ottawa) with "Survey Non-Response in COVID-19 Times: The Case of the Labour Force Survey", vol. 48(3), pp. 451-472, September 2022. 



Ian Keay and Cherie Metcalf for their paper "Recognizing Indigenous Rights in Canada: Property Rights and Natural Resource Values" vol 47(1) pp. 18-55, March 2021

Geranda Notten and Julie Kaplan : "Material Deprivation: Measuring Poverty by Counting Necessities Households Cannot Afford"vol. 46(1), pages 1-17, March 2021.



Jennifer Robson and Saul Schwartz : "Who Doesn’t File a Tax Return? A Portrait of Non-Filers" vol 46(3) pp. 323-339, September 2020


Thomas Lemieux, Kevin Milligan, Tammy Schirle and Mikal Skuterud : "Initial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Canadian Labour Market", vol. 46(1), pages 55-65, July 2020.


Tracy Snoddon and Trevor Tombe: "Analysis of Carbon Tax Treatment in Canada's Equalization Program", vol. 45(3), pages 377-392, September 2019.
Stéphanie Lluis and Brian McCall : "Employment and Job Search Implications of the Extended Weeks and Working While on Claim Pilot Initiatives"
, vol. 45(2), pages 129-172, June 2019.


Vincent Chandler: "Do Evaluators Prefer Candidates of Their Own Gender?"
, vol. 44(4), pages 289-302, December 2018.
Zong Jia Chen, Mikal Skuterud: "Relative Labour Market Performance of Former International Students: Evidence from the National Graduates Survey"
, vol. 44(3), pages 207-225, September 2018.


Philip S.J. Leonard: "Do School Junk Food Bans Improve Student Health? Evidence from Canada"
, vol. 43(2), pages 105-119, June 2017.
Derek Messacar: "Big tax data and economic analysis: Effects of personal income tax reassessments and delayed tax filing", vol. 43(3), pages 261-83, September 2017.


Ram C. Acharya: "Canada's Exporters and Importers: Concentration, Foreign Ownership and Productivity"
, vol. 42(2), pages 194-211, June 2016. 
Luc Bissonnette, David Boisclair,  François Laliberté-Auger, Steeve Marchand, Pierre-Carl Michaud and Carole Vincent: "Projecting the Impact of Population Aging on the Quebec Labour Market", vol. 42(4), pages 431-441, December 2016.


Ryan Cardwell, Chad Lawley and Di Xiang: "Milked and Feathered: The Regressive Welfare Effects of Canada's Supply Management Regime"
, vol. 41(1), pages 1-14, March 2015.
Runner-up (tie)
Melanie O’Gorman and Manish Pandey: "Explaining Low High School Attainment in Northern Aboriginal Communities: An Analysis of the Aboriginal Peoples' Surveys", vol. 41(4), pages 297-308, December 2015.
Runner-up (tie)
Joel Wood: "Is It Time to Raise the Gas Tax? Optimal Gasoline Taxes for Ontario and Toronto", vol. 41(3), pp. 179-190, September 2015.


Ana M. Ferrer and Alicia Menendez: "The Puzzling Effects of Delaying Schooling on Canadian Wages"
, vol. 40(3), pages 1-14, September 2014.


Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven F. Lehrer: "New Evidence on the Impacts of Access to and Attending Universal Child-Care in Canada"
, vol. 39(2), pages 263-286, June 2013.


Dominique M. Gross and Nicolas Schmitt: "Temporary Foreign Workers and Regional Labour Market Disparities"
, vol. 38(2), pages 233-263, June 2012.


Frank T. Denton and Byron G. Spencer: Age of Pension Eligibility"
, vol. 37(2), pages 183-199, June 2011.
James B. Davies and Stanley L. Winer: "Closing the 49th Parallel: An Unexplored Episode in Canadian Economic and Political History", vol. 37(3), pages 307-341, September 2011.


Louis N. Christofides and Robert Swidinsky: The Economic Returns to the Knowledge and Use of a Second Official Language: English in Quebec and French in the Rest-of-Canada"
, vol. 36(2), pages 137-158, June 2010.
Brahim Boudarbat, Thomas Lemieux and Craig Riddell: "The Evolution of the Returns to Human Capital in Canada, 1980-2005"vol. 36(1), pages 63-89, March 2010.


Anthony E. Boardman, Claude Laurin, Mark A. Moore, and Aidan R. Vining: "A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Privatization of Canadian National Railway"
, vol. 35(1), pages 59-83, March 2009.


B. Curtis Eaton and Mukesh Eswaran: "Differential Grading Standards and Student Incentives"
, vol. 34(2), pages 215-236, June 2008.
J.C. Herbert Emery and Ronald D. Kneebone: "Socialists, Populists, Resources, and the Divergent Development of Alberta and Saskatchewan", vol. 34(4), pages 419-440, November 2008.


Dan Usher:"The Reform of Equalization Payments"
, vol. 33(3), pages 337-366, September 2007.
J. Stephen Ferris and Stanley L. Winer: "Just How Much Bigger Is Government in Canada? A Comparative Analysis of the Size and Structure of the Public Sectors in Canada and the United States", vol. 33(2), pages 173-206, June 2007.


Stuart Landon, Melville L. McMillan, Vijay Muralidharan and Mark Parsons: "Does Health-Care Spending Crowd Out Other Provincial Expenditures?"
, vol. 32(2), pages 121-142, June 2006.
Bryan Campbell and Steve Murphy: "The Recent Performance of the Canadian Forecasting Industry", vol. 32(1), pages 23-40, March 2006.


Paul V. Grootendorst and Michael R. Veall: "National Catastrophic Drug Insurance Revisited: Who Would Benefit from Senator Kirby's Recommendations"
, vol. 31(4), pages 341-358, December 2005.
René Morrissette and Yuri Ostrovsky : "The Instability of Family Earnings and Family Income in Canada, 1986-1991 and 1996-2001", vol. 31(3), pages 273-302, September 2005.


Ian Keay and Cherie Metcalf: "Aboriginal Rights, Customary Law and Renewable Resource Exploitation"
, vol. 30(1), pages 1-27, March 2004.


Glenn W. Harrison, James P. Feehan, Alison C. Edwards and Jorge Segovia: "Cigarette Smoking and the Cost of Hospital and Physician Care"
vol. 29(1), pages 1-19, March 2003.
Leonard S. Wilson: "Equalization, Efficiency and Migration: Watson Revisited", vol. 29(4), pages 385-395, December 2003.


Susan Johnson: "Canadian Union Density 1980-1998 and Prospects for the Future: An Empirical Investigation"
, vol. 28(3), pages 333-351, September 2002.


Shelley Phipps, Martha MacDonald and Fiona MacPhail: "Gender equity within families versus better targeting: an assessment of the Family Income Supplement to Employment Insurance Benefits"
, vol. 27(4), pages 423-446, December 2001.


Vicky Barham, Rose Anne Devlin et Chantale LaCasse: "Are the New Child-Support Guidelines 'Adequate' or 'Reasonable'?", vol. 26(1), pages 1-15, March 2000
Michele Campolieti and John N. Lavis: "
Disability Expenditures in Canada, 1970-1996: Trends, Reform Efforts and a Path for the Future", vol. 26(2), pages 241-264, June 2000.


Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson"Wage Opportunities for Visible Minorities in Canada"
, vol. 25(3), pages 379-394, September 1999.
Kelly Bedard, John Dorland, Allan W. Gregory and Mark Rosenberg: "
Standardized Mortality Ratios and Canadian Health-Care Funding", vol. 25(1), pages 47-64, March 1999.


Geoffrey E. Hale: "Reforming Employment Insurance: Transcending the  Politics of the Status Quo"
, vol. 24(4), pages 429-451, December, 1998.


James Ted McDonald and Christopher Worswick"Unemployment Incidence of Immigrant Men in Canada"
, vol. 23(4), pages 353-373, December 1997.


Frances Woolley, Arndt Vermaeten and Judith Madill"Ending Universality: The Case of Child Benefits"
, vol. 22(1), pages 24-39, March 1996.


Arndt Vermaeten, W. Irwin Gillespie and Frank Vermaeten: "Who paid the taxes in Canada, 1951-1988?"
, vol. 21(3), pages 317-343, September 1995.
Shelley Phipps: "Canadian Child Benefits: Behavioural Consequences and Income Adequacy", vol. 21(1), pages 20-30, March 1995.


George Hoberg and Kathryn Harrison: "It's not easy being green: the politics of Canada's green plan"
, vol. 20(2), pages 119-137, June 1994.


Charles M. Beach and Christopher Worswick"Is There a Double-Negative Effect on the Earnings of Immigrant Women in Canada?"
, vol. 19(1), pages 36-53, Mars 1993.