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2014 CWEN/RFE Young Researcher Award

We are pleased to announce that Viktoria Hnatkovska (Vancouver School of Economics) has been awarded the 2014 CWEN/RFE Young Researcher Award.

The committee, comprised of Jane Friesen (SFU), Mike Veall (McMaster), and Elizabeth Dhuey (UofT) selected Professor Hnatkovska based on work with a number of co-authors in a variety of fields, including international finance, macroeconomics, and development.

Her work in international finance has focused on the determination of international capital flows and the factors behind international portfolio diversification. She has also worked on modeling exchange rate determinations and cross-country risk-sharing. In macroeconomics, she has developed methods of solving and evaluating business cycle models and has worked on models of firm behavior in regard to corporate savings. Finally, in development economics, she has examined issues in India including the changing relationship of the caste system with intergenerational mobility and inequality.

Professor Hnatkovska’s extensive publications include those in the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Econometrics, the Journal of Human Resources, and the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. Her work has also received a considerable amount of media attention in media outlets such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Congratulations Viktoria!