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CWEN/RFÉ Young Researcher Award 2012

We are pleased to announce that Matilde Bombardini (UBC) has been awarded the 2012 CWEN Young Researcher Award.

The committee selected Professor Bombardini on the basis of her influential and innovative work in political economy, international trade and the intersection of the two. Her work features elegant game theoretic modeling and careful empirical work, often accompanied by the construction of new data sets. In a series of papers on lobbying, she has investigated how firm size heterogeneity influences how industries lobby for trade protection; how lobbies attempting to influence policy make trade-offs between delivering votes and delivering campaign contributions; and the role of information transmission and facilitating access to politicians in the lobbying process. In her work on international trade, she has studied the effect of skill dispersion on the pattern of trade and the effects of domestic competition on export performance. Her work has been extensively cited and published in journals such as the American Economic Review, the Journal of International Economics and other top field journals.

Congratulations Matilde!