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About the Survey


In March 2019, the American Economic Association released results from its survey of current and former members about the professional climate in economics. In discussing the results, the AEA leadership noted:

Many members of the profession have suffered harassment and discrimination during their careers, including both overt acts of abuse and more subtle forms of marginalization. This is unacceptable. Excluding or marginalizing people based on their gender, race, or other personal characteristics is not only deeply unfair to those who are excluded, it damages the field as a whole by limiting the diversity of perspectives and dissuading talented people from becoming economists. It is striking that, in an era when women and members of under- represented minority groups have entered so-called STEM fields at increasing rates, the low rates of participation and advancement of women and minorities in economics have changed little in recent decades.

The Canadian Women Economists Committee (CWEC/CFEC) will use the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago to administer a similar survey for economists in Canada in Fall 2019.

The Canadian survey will cover areas similar to the AEA survey: general climate, experiences of discrimination, avoidance, exclusion and harassment. Within the bounds of maintaining confidentiality, we will consider response variation across gender, race, within or outside academia, size of institution, and rank of faculty.

AIM: To identify areas of concern in the workplace climate facing Canadian economists and will use a similar survey instrument as American Economic Association (

TARGET POPULATION: The universe of practicing economists or currently training to be economists in Canada. This includes: All faculty with PhDs in economics; graduate students in economics departments; practicing economists in government; and practicing economists in industry.

TIMELINE: The survey administered in Fall 2019 with the results released in time for the CEA meetings in Toronto, 2020.

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