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Current Issue and Forthcoming Papers

The list below contain papers which have been accepted by the Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques for publication and will appear in the next scheduled issues.

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Special issue : The COVID-19 Pandemic III October 2020

Articles appearing in this section have undergone peer review and been accepted for publication by the Canadian Public Policy. Due to the importance of the subject matter, and the rapidly changing nature of the topic, these pre-publication versions of the articles have been released. Final, copyedited, and formatted versions will be published at a later date.

Estimates of COVID-19 Cases Across Four Canadian Provinces by David Benatia, Raphael Godefroy and Joshua A. Lewis

The Early Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Household Finances in Québec by Bertrand Achou, David Boisclair, Philippe d'Astous, Raquel Fonseca, Franca Glenzer and Pierre-Carl Michaud

Canadian Financial Stress and Macroeconomic Conditions by Thibaut Duprey

Differential Impacts during COVID-19 in Canada: A Look at Diverse Individuals and their Businesses by Guang Ying Mo, Wendy Cukier, Akalya Atputharajah, Miki Itano Boase and Henrique Hon

Reconceptualizing Parental Leave Benefits in COVID-19 Canada: From Employment Policy to Care and Social Protection Policy by Andrea Doucet, Sophie Mathieu and Lindsey McKay

Community Engagement in a Time of Confinement by Alana Cattapan, Julianne Acker-Verney, Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Tammy Findlay and April Mandrona

COVID-19 blunts Alberta challenge to federal-provincial income tax by Adil Sayeed

COVID-19’s Limited Impact on Drug Shortages in Canada by Etienne Gaudette

Volume 46, No. 4 December 2020

Educational Reform and Reconciliation: Contested Public Discourses by Terry Wotherspoon and Emily Milne

Partisan priorities under fiscal constraints in Canadian provinces by Olivier Jacques

Navigating Government Disability Programs Across Canada by Brittany Finlay, Stephanie Dunn and Jennifer D. Zwicker

An investigation of maternity care providers' perceptions of the implications of birth and gestation tourism on patients, health care providers and the Canadian healthcare system by Hannah Rahim, Stacey Page, Fiona Mattatall, Ian Mitchell and Juliet Guichon

Age–Income Dynamics over the Life Course: Cohort Transition Patterns in Relative Income Based on Canadian Tax Returns by Frank Denton, Byron Spencer and Terry A Yip

Do Minimum Wage Increases Decrease Employment?: A Meta-Analysis of Canadian Studies by Michele Campolieti

The COVID-19 Pandemic :
COVID-19 Policy Response and the Rise of the Sub-national Governments by Abdul Basit Adeel, Michael Catalano, Olivia Catalano, Andrei Zhirnov, Grant Gibson, Ezgi Muftuoglu, Tara Riggs, Mehmet Halit Sezgin, Olga Shvetsova, Naveed Tahir, Julie VanDusky and Tianyi Zhao


Accepted Papers Forthcoming in Future Issues

Stratification in postsecondary education and self-rated health among Canadian adults by Anna Zajacova and Anthony Jehn

Playing with Fire? Household Debt near Retirement in Canada by Nicolas Bédard and Pierre-Carl Michaud

Material deprivation – Measuring poverty by counting necessities households cannot afford by Geranda Notten and Julie Kaplan