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Current Issue and Forthcoming Papers

The list below contain papers which have been accepted by the Canadian Public Policy for publication and will appear in the next scheduled issues.

The publication plans listed on this page represent our best guess as to the contents of future issues of the CPP. The Editors reserve the right to change the contents of any forthcoming issue at their discretion. Similarly, the list of accepted papers is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an absolute commitment to publish. The Editors reserve the right to withhold from publication any paper on this list if, in their view, circumstances warrant.

Volume 46, No. 1 March 2020


Joshua C. Gordon: Reconnecting the Housing Market to the Labour Market: Foreign Ownership and Housing Affordability in Urban Canada



Ali Jadidzadeh, Nick Falvo and Daniel J Dutton: Cost Savings of Housing First in a Non-Experimental Setting

Can Erutku: A First Look at Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program: Who Are Ontario’s Green Drivers?

Vincent Thivierge: Carbon pricing and competitiveness pressures: The case of cement trade

Vincent Chandler and Nikolas Shymko: Environmental Impact of Public Transit: Evidence from a Long Strike in Ottawa

Greig Mordue and Danish Karmally: Frontier Technologies in Non-Core Automotive Regions: Autonomous Vehicle R&D in Canada

Seyed Mohammadreza Davoodalhosseini and Francisco Rivadeneyra: A Policy Framework for E-Money

Haizhen Mou and Michael M. Atkinson: Want to Improve Math Scores? An Empirical Assessment of Recent Policy Interventions in Canada

Zong Jia Chen and Mikal Skuterud: Relative Academic Achievement of International Students: Evidence from an Ontario University

Christine Neill, Elizabeth Dhuey and Jean Eid: Parental employment effects of switching from half day to full day kindergarten: evidence from Ontario’s French schools

Jean-François Daoust, Claire Durand and André Blais: Are Pre-election Polls More Helpful than Harmful? Evidence from the Canadian Case

Volume 46, No. 2 June 2020

James B. Davies: Reforming Canada’s Disaster Assistance Programs

Stephen Williamson: The Role of Central Banks

Vera Brencic, Julie Dubois and Lucie Morin: Improvements in Electronic Job Alerts and the Labor Market Experience of Unemployed Workers: Evidence from the Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs Initiative

Lan Wei: Trends in parental time allocated to child care: Evidence from Canada, 1986-2010

Rose Anne Devlin, Koffi Kpelitse, Lihua Li, Nirav Mehta and Sisira Sarma: After-hours Incentives and Emergency Department Visits: Evidence from Ontario

Dmitry Lysenko, Elizabeth Schwartz and Saul Schwartz: The Short-Run Effects of CETA on Municipal Procurement in Canada

Mustafa Rafat Zaman: Do subnational agreements induce interprovincial migration? Empirical evidence from Canada’s aggregate migration patterns

Joe Wallis and Tor Brodtkorb: The Leadership Legacy of Commission Chairs: Building Upon and Extending a Comparative Study of Ten Canadian Commission Chairs