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Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques

Editorial Board


Michael Veall (McMaster University, Department of Economics)



Stephen Gordon (Université Laval, Faculté des sciences sociales)
Peter Graefe (McMaster University, Department of Political Science)
Tammy Schirle (Wilfrid Laurier University, School of Business and Economics)
Lisa Strohschein (University of Alberta, Department of Sociology)


Editorial Advisors

Craig Alexander (Deloitte Canada)
Roderic Beaujot (University of Western Ontario, Department of Sociology)
Audra Bowlus (University of Western Ontario, Department of Economics)
Lori J. Curtis (University of Waterloo, Department of Economics)
 Livio Di Matteo (Lakehead University, Department of Economics)
Tony Fang (Memorial University, Department of Economics)
 Aled Ab Iorwerth (Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation)
Ian Irvine (Concordia University, Department of Economics)
J. Rhys Kesselman (Simon Fraser University, School of Public Policy)
Lawrence L. Schembri (Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada)
 Wayne Simpson (University of Manitoba, Department of Economics)



Robert W. Dimand (Brock University, Faculty of Social Sciences)


Journal Manager

Olivier Lebert 

To contact us, please send an e-mail to Olivier at